Cosmology: The Microverse of Stollis

Stollis is a microverse cosisting of several different tangible planes of existence.

These planes are Stollis Prima, the Aethosphere, Stollis Aveum, Stollis Aqua, Stollis Petra, Stollis Ignis, and Stollis Letus.

Stollis Prima:

Stollis Prima is a spherical planet, and it isthe centerpeice of the microverse of Stollis. Being the material plane, Prima houses the majority of the population of Stollis, and is the primary setting for the PCs adventures.

The Aethosphere:

The Aethosphere is a transparent, crystaline shell that divides Stollis Prima from the other planes. Energy and raw matter can percolate through the shell, but nothing else can.

Stollis Aevum:

Stollis Aveum is a realm of light and life. It is inhabited by Angels and other good outsiders.

Stollis Aqua:

Stollis Aqua is a realm consisting of pure water. It is populated by Water Outsiders.

Stollis Petra:

Stollis Petra is a great stone, filled with endless tunnel and great caverns. It is populated by Earth Outsiders.

Stollis Ignis:

Stollis Ignis is a great orb of superheated gases. It is inhabited only by Fire Outsiders

Stollis Aura:

Stollis Aura is a great ball of coalesced air. It is inhabited by Air Outsiders.

Stollis Letus is a realm of death and misery, as it overflows with negitive enrgy. It is populated by sentient undead.

Interactions Between the Planes:

Stollis Prima rests in the middle of the Aethosphere, with the Aeothsphere being 3 miles above the surface. The remaining planes roll ontop of the surface of the Aethosphere., essentially orbiting Prima. As the outer planes orit Prima, their movement brongs corresponding weather patterns.

Aevum and Ignis serve as twin suns to Prima, with Aevum being the dimmer of the two.

Petra serves as a moon, reflecting the light of either Aevum or Ignis, depending on its position.

Stollis Aqua brings rainstorms, while Stollis Aura brings great gales.

Stollis Leuts carries a thick fog underneath it, which breeds both undead and malcious diseases.

Each of the outer planes is home to several Elemental Princes. These Princes are the only divine force in the Microverse of Stollis. They all seek worshipers, and most appoint Clerics and Paladins to carry their message.

Cosmology: The Microverse of Stollis

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